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We provide vehicle wraps for cars, trucks, boats, planes, and even an occasional refrigerator.


Turns your vehicle into a moving advertisement space with our custom made vinyl car wraps. We can help you create the perfect design for you car to seamlessly advertise your business or product everywhere you drive.
Vehicle Wraps SJ

Our custom vinyl vehicle wraps allow you to turn your entire vehicle in one big moving billboard that goes wherever you go. Like a larger than life business card, or car wraps declare your message to the world.
Mobile Advertising SJ

We provide specialty vinyl vehicle wraps for cars, food trucks, buses and a huge variety of other vehicles and surfaces for a unique mobile advertising solution. We can wrap anything from a helicopter to a refrigerator in your message.
Car Wraps SJ

Using Car Wraps San Jose is a great way to advertise a business, school, or church. Becoming visible with bright colors, vibrant patterns, unique logos, and eye-catching designs is a great way to market. Wraps are also inexpensive.
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Vehicle Wraps Approach

At Car Wraps San Jose, we are fully dedicated to giving you the best result for your money in comparison to other wrapping companies.

Our vinyl vehicle wrap services enable you to put your message on virtually any vehicle and get results. Our custom made vinyl wrap advertisement designs are guaranteed to promote your product and raise visibility and awareness.

At Car Wraps San Jose, we work around the clock to ensure you're offered the best price available. If you find a better price elsewhere, we'll match it. That's how dedicated we are to our customers.

The fluid process used at Car Wraps San Jose is meticulous and carried out in a fragile manner. We have a passion for great work, and it shows with each project we complete.

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Our custom designed vinyl vehicle wraps are uniquely crafted to place your message on whatever car, truck, bus or helicopter you want to use to advertise your business. Our personalized vehicle wraps have virtually limitless applications and are a fun and innovative way to show off your business.

vinyl fleet wraps

Brand your corporate cars, trucks, vans and other vehicles with customizable specialty fleet wraps services. Promote your business and unify your fleet with matching vinyl vehicle wraps that prominently display your name, logo and contact information everywhere your company goes.

vinyl signs sj

Durable and eye-catching, colorful vinyl signs are a great way to promote your business or products. Larger than life vinyl banners get your message out to the world and can be used to advertise limited offers, grand openings, special events and more.